New Song… ‘We are Yours’

First Blog in years hoping to use this more this year… feeling pretty fragile so please be gentle…

Trying out a new song in Church at the moment called We are Yours (would love to hear your feedback) … a song of commitment and identity based around the passage found in the bible in 1 John that says… ‘ How great is the love that the Father has lavished on us that he should call us Children of God and that is who we are’

As we move forward into 2011 we may be worried about what the year holds, Church,finance, family, friends, work, relationships, identity etc but in all this we are Christs, he has purchased us with the ultimate price and he doesn’t give up on us… we belong to him, he lavishes us with forgiveness and love. Lets give up striving in 2011 and instead embrace the love of our King for we are loved Sons and Daughters of God… Peace out


Recording Day 1

photoDay 1 

Its actually difficult to believe that this day has come, to see a dream begin to be fulfilled is quite breathtaking stuff but leaves you feeling rather nervous but deep inside with a great sense of excitement.

Today we embarked on a long day tracking drums for 4  of the songs, with the fifth in the bag from a previous journey. It was a long first day starting at 10 at working through to just after 7pm but we got there and really feel good progress has been made and we are on track (see what I did there, shut up Colin ok lol)

Brian and Mike have been fantastic bringing new ears to the project and already giving great advice, support and encouragement!

The Band Josh, Ding, Bo and Hambo have been fantastic and its been a real blessing working with such fantastic musicians & friends, engineers and producers who are so encouraging and creative.

Theres been a number of changes to arrangements and songs today which can  always be hard to take sometimes and its a really learning process not to hold on to these things to tightly. Day 2 tomorrow and I’m getting excited again after a good days rest watching Liverpool get beat, Tiger through the PGA away, but the highlight watching History been made in Usain Bolt break his own world record in the 100m in 9.58 seconds incredible!!

Again we would really appreciate your prayers and support as we move into Day 2 will blog again tomorrow! (PS thanks to all who have been praying for us so far – legends)

Now who’s is green tea and peppermint?

Love and Peace



Its been a while since my last blog , actually that’s quite the understatement However I bring some hopefully good news…

This Saturday (15th August) a band of fantastic merry musicians and myself enter the studio under the guidance of the legendary songwriter, musician, genius and producer Brian Houston (not the hillsong pastor! to record my first ever EP.

This wee adventure is really about stepping out in faith and living out the dream and caling I believe God has placed in my heart and my life to lead worship and write new creative and prophetic songs for the church to connect them to who our God is, and what are God is doing in Belfast, Ireland and the Nations. Over the last few years and even more so over the last year I have had requests for my songs after church services, via email and endless amounts of encouragement for me to record the songs. My aim for this project is to bring glory to God declaring who God is and what he is doing in my life, our church, in our country and in this world. My hopes for this wee project although very ambitious its very much my heart to…

To lift up our God that he may be glorified and worshipped. “He must become greater, I must become less.” John 3:30

To encourage, challenge and motivate the Church in worship and mission.

To provide a vehicle and a tool for people and the church to use these songs in worship outside of a Sunday gathering

To provide a high quality and creative expression of worship to our God 

To bring a vibrant and fresh prophetic challenge and voice to the church.To encourage and inspire the next generation in worship


Over the next week I hope to post a wee blogging diary on the process and keep the blogging world and all who are interested updated with the recording So please stop by and drop us a wee line we would love to hear from you!

We would really appreciate your prayers over the next week as we rehearse, travel and record!





Blog world just catching a wee flight from Belfast city and came across a wee yummy bag of crisps! Jalapeño and coriander called salty dog! Rather yummy in my tummy!


Think i’m in blogging mood!
“something that has a major impact on society or on some aspect of human endeavour”
I wonder who comes to mind when you think of a revolutionary? Nelson Mandela, Churchhill, Gandhi?
I wonder do you ever consider Jesus not only as one, but truly the only one who brings about dramatic and total change in your life and the lives of people and society at large? Is it even right to see Jesus as revolutionary?
A wee song we hopefully will be practicing as a band and playing pretty soon called ‘revolutionary’ thought I would post the lyrics

Lord Revolutionize my days
Recreate all my ways
Write your law on my heart

Energise and reignite
The glorious church of Christ

Your cross has changed it all
I have been set free
From all my sin and shame
A brand new life I am born again

You are revolutionary
Jesus revolutionary
I want to see like you
I want to love like you do
Illuminate yourself through me

Lord examine all I do
Let it be for you
I delight to do your will

Synchronize my heart to yours
Attune my ears so they can hear
Your Spirit lead me on

Copyright Colin Stitt 2008

God who comforts

Hey blog land it’s been a while! Hope everyone’s doing hunky dory!
Just a quick post to let you know ive posted a wee demo of God who comforts on it should play automatically from the homepage! So if your interested why not pop by and have a listen!
Keep er lit

Recording part 2…

What a day and an experience… To be in the presence of a legend such as Brian Houston was amazing. I learnt so much in one day. We set out initially to record three tracks but decided to focus on one.

We decided that we would record a song I had written called Identity. However by the end of the day we made some changes and the song is now called Your the God who Comforts. (I will post further about the story behind the song later) It was fantastic to have some space and review the song in a new light and to have some great input and advice looking at how the song connects and engages people to look again to there God who comforts them and who brings them peace.

It’s funny though I’ve had real mixed feelings about the song since we came out of the studio. I love the changes and love the sound, but I have felt abit sad about losing some of the lyrics.

 I’ve been writing worship songs now for the last year and a half I wouldn’t claim to be the worlds best but I just have a real strong belief it is what I feel God has called me to do and I want to be faithful to that and in the gifts he has given me to use to lead people into worship. The day with Brian in the studio taught me loads and reminded me once again I still have loads to learn. I really feel the changes have strengthened the song but also has helped me too – as I start out on this journey to ask how precious am I about what i write? Am I open to learn to receive input and honest positive criticisim of my art form.  I think I can positively now say yes!  I have benefited  so much from the day with Brian would like to thank him, Adam, Josh and Mike for all the input, encouragement and support it has been greatly beneficial and blessed me immensely! Thank you

Peace out



Hey all just thought I would let you know I’m heading off tomorrow up to Hilsborough, to Brian Houston’s new studio. Brian has kindly offered to let me record some demos of a few of my songs (including break our hearts). Bit nervous the whole studio experience is kinda new for me but will be nice to have some demos done. Have got Josh from the band heading up with me and one of my best mates Adam Bell a.k.a DIng who hopefully will put down some bass tracks for me.  Excited but nervous… will post again and let you know how we got on…



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